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||Best Catamaran Charter Price Guarantee – Yacht Charter, Rent a Boat
Best Catamaran Charter Price Guarantee – Yacht Charter, Rent a Boat2018-10-02T19:10:52+00:00

Best Price Guarantee

Catamaran Charter Croatia Best Price guarantee

Catamaran-Croatia-Charter.com guarantees that Catamaran charter (rent a boat) reservations made at Catamaran-Croatia-Charter.com are at the lowest / best price on the market. This is our guarantee.

If you discover the same catamaran on any other website for a lower price…
Catamaran-Croatia-Charter.com will provide you with the same price!
Best price guarantee must find the following conditions fulfilled:

1. You have an active reservation on Catamaran-Croatia-Charter.com by our booking managers.
2. Contact customer service.
3. The lower / best price must be send by email to your contact booking manager.
4. The lower price should also comprise the same booking conditions as those on Catamaran-Croatia-Charter.com. This means:

  • This should apply to the same catamaran, i.e. same registration code and same name.
  • Same date of registration and cancellation of accommodation.
  • Same conditions regarding the hire of a skipper.

If we are unable to offer you a lower price due to the failure to meet one of the three (3) conditions above, you will retain your existing booking, including the terms of cancellation issued by us.