14 03, 2019

What is a Transit Log?

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What is a Transit Log? A Transit Log is a variable payment, which can include the following: bed linen, cleaning, on-board Internet connection, tourist tax and base marina fees. The details of the Transit Log differ depending on the boat,

14 03, 2019

Cancellation policy

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Cancellation policy Europe Yachts Charter Group offers a full refund for cancellations made within 24 hours of booking. For cancellations made up to 7 days after the booking date, a 12% handling fee is retained. For bookings cancelled up to

14 03, 2019

Security Deposit

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Security Deposit Similarly to renting a car, chartering a boat requires a security deposit. The deposit, fully refundable after check-out, covers you and your fellow passengers against accidental damage and ensures that contractual obligations are met. The security deposit varies

14 03, 2019

What is APA

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What is APA When chartering a crewed catamaran, you will be required to make a deposit in advance of the charter, which is separate to the charter or booking fee. This deposit is called the “advance provisioning allowance” or APA.

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