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Sailing Guide for Catamaran Charter in Croatia

There are a few straightforward rules you should follow while renting a catamaran in Croatia for your 7 or 14-day trip along the coast. As a result, we have a number of recommendations for you. When you rent a catamaran in Croatia, look at our proposed itineraries for some ideas of the islands you may visit. We offer a number of proposed itineraries from each of our marinas, complete with a map and a day-by-day plan for a catamaran. Our primary marinas are located near the sailing areas of Dubrovnik, Split, Sibenik, and Zadar. Additionally, in order to assist you in making selections, we created a website dedicated to frequently asked questions about the catamarans we provide in Croaita. Additionally, you can find the most recent information on the Europe Yachts Charter Group as well as our News page, which is updated each time we add a new catamaran to our fleet. You won’t have to worry about the specifics if you just review our list of What to Bring on a Catamaran Charter Croatia Vacation; it will offer you some suggestions. The Croatian marinas’ phone numbers, emails, and locations are the final item. This will allow you to reserve a place at one of them before traveling and ensure that you are prepared for any weather.

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Croatia full of life Catamaran Charter
Croatia full of life Catamaran Charter