Discover ALL Dubrovnik Game of Thrones locations

Discover ALL Dubrovnik Game of Thrones locations

Unveiling the Game of Thrones Magic in Dubrovnik

Introduction: Dubrovnik as the Iconic King’s Landing

Dubrovnik, Croatia’s historic jewel, gained worldwide fame as the primary filming location for King’s Landing in the renowned TV series “Game of Thrones.” This blog takes you on a journey to discover all the significant filming locations in Dubrovnik, turning fantasy into reality.

The Old Town: A Real-Life King’s Landing

The Walls of Dubrovnik

The ancient city walls of Dubrovnik, a symbol of strength and protection, were transformed into the formidable walls of King’s Landing. Visitors can walk along these walls to experience breathtaking views that once served as a backdrop for numerous scenes in the series.

The Fortresses: Red Keep in Reality

Dubrovnik’s fortresses, including Fort Lovrijenac and Minčeta Tower, played a significant role in the series, depicting the Red Keep. Fort Lovrijenac, perched on a rocky outcrop overlooking the sea, was the setting for several pivotal scenes, including Joffrey’s Nameday Tournament.

Pile and Ploče Gates: Entrances to the Capital

The Pile and Ploče Gates, main entrances to Dubrovnik’s Old Town, were frequently featured as entry points to King’s Landing. The areas around these gates provided a medieval ambiance, perfectly suiting the series’ aesthetic.

Discover ALL Dubrovnik Game Of Thrones Locations 5

Discover ALL Dubrovnik Game Of Thrones Locations 5

Exploring Iconic Scenes and Locations

Jesuit Staircase: The Walk of Shame

One of the most memorable scenes in “Game of Thrones” was Cersei Lannister’s Walk of Shame. This scene was filmed on the Jesuit Staircase, leading up to the Jesuit Church of St. Ignatius. The staircase, located in Dubrovnik’s Old Town, has become a must-visit spot for fans.

Ethnographic Museum: Littlefinger’s Brothel

The Ethnographic Museum, housed in an old granary, was used to depict Littlefinger’s brothel in the series. Its historical architecture provided an authentic setting for the story’s intrigue and drama.

The captivating city of Dubrovnik and its transformation into King’s Landing, highlighting the Old Town, city walls, and iconic fortresses as key filming locations. The journey continues as we explore more Game of Thrones locations, unraveling the magic that brought the fictional world of Westeros to life.

Discover ALL Dubrovnik Game Of Thrones Locations 4

Discover ALL Dubrovnik Game Of Thrones Locations 4

Delving Deeper into Dubrovnik’s Game of Thrones Filming Sites

Tracing the Footsteps of Westeros in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik’s architectural marvels and ancient streets provided the perfect canvas for several key locations in “Game of Thrones.” This section explores more of these iconic sites scattered around the city.

Gradac Park: The Site of the Purple Wedding

Gradac Park, a serene spot outside Dubrovnik’s Old Town, was transformed into the venue for King Joffrey’s ill-fated Purple Wedding. Its lush greenery and scenic views made it an ideal setting for this pivotal scene.

The Rector’s Palace: Qarth’s Spice King’s Residence

Used as the setting for the Spice King’s residence in Qarth, the Rector’s Palace is a testament to Dubrovnik’s rich history. Its Gothic-Renaissance architecture provided a grand and exotic backdrop for the scenes set in this mysterious city.

Identifying Real-Life Locations of Iconic Scenes

Blackwater Bay: Dubrovnik’s West Harbor

In real life, Blackwater Bay, the site of the epic Battle of Blackwater, is Dubrovnik’s West Harbor. This picturesque area served as the backdrop for several naval scenes, including the departure of Myrcella Baratheon to Dorne.

Shame Steps: The Jesuit Staircase Revisited

The Jesuit Staircase, already mentioned as the site of Cersei’s Walk of Shame, is one of the most visited locations in Dubrovnik. Its baroque grandeur added a dramatic effect to one of the series’ most intense moments.

Discover ALL Dubrovnik Game Of Thrones Locations 3

Discover ALL Dubrovnik Game Of Thrones Locations 3

Accommodating the Stars: Where the Game of Thrones Cast Stayed

While filming in Dubrovnik, the cast of “Game of Thrones” stayed in various locations around the city. Many chose luxurious hotels and private villas, enjoying the city’s blend of historical charm and modern amenities. Some of these accommodations included famous hotels like the Hotel Excelsior and the Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik, known for their exquisite service and stunning views of the Adriatic Sea.

Dubrovnik’s key locations that were instrumental in bringing “Game of Thrones” to life. From Gradac Park to the Rector’s Palace and the West Harbor, each site holds a piece of the series’ history.

Planning Your Ultimate Game of Thrones Tour in Dubrovnik

Crafting the Perfect Game of Thrones Itinerary in Dubrovnik

For fans of “Game of Thrones,” a visit to Dubrovnik is not just a vacation, but a pilgrimage to the heart of Westeros. This section provides insights and tips on how to plan a comprehensive tour of the series’ filming locations in Dubrovnik.

Tailoring Your Tour to Your Interests

While some fans may wish to visit every filming location, others might prefer to focus on the most iconic sites. Consider what aspects of the show interest you most – whether it’s the political intrigue at King’s Landing or the grandiose settings of royal events – and plan your tour accordingly.

Guided Tours vs. Self-Exploration

Dubrovnik offers several guided Game of Thrones tours, which can provide in-depth information and behind-the-scenes stories. Alternatively, fans who prefer a more leisurely pace may choose to explore the sites on their own.

Discover ALL Dubrovnik Game Of Thrones Locations 2

Discover ALL Dubrovnik Game Of Thrones Locations 2

Must-Visit Game of Thrones Locations in Dubrovnik

  1. Lovrijenac Fortress: Often used for scenes depicting the Red Keep, this fortress is a must-visit for its historical significance and stunning views of the Adriatic.
  2. Trsteno Arboretum: Representing the palace gardens of King’s Landing, this lush, green area is perfect for fans who appreciate the show’s scenic beauty.
  3. Bokar Fortress: Used as the setting for several scenes involving the defense of King’s Landing, Bokar Fortress is a site of strategic importance in the series.

Enhancing Your Game of Thrones Experience

Combining with a Sailing Adventure

To truly immerse yourself in the world of Westeros, consider combining your tour with a catamaran charter in Croatia. Sailing around the Dubrovnik area offers a unique perspective of the city and its surrounding islands, much like the characters in the show.

Sampling Local Cuisine

After a day of exploring, enjoy some of the local Croatian cuisine. Dubrovnik’s restaurants offer a variety of dishes that will satisfy any palate, allowing you to dine like the lords and ladies of Westeros.

Discover ALL Dubrovnik Game Of Thrones Locations 1

Discover ALL Dubrovnik Game Of Thrones Locations 1


A visit to Dubrovnik for any Game of Thrones fan is a journey through the very heart of the series. By visiting these filming locations, you can step into the world that captivated millions of viewers worldwide. Whether you’re exploring the ancient forts, wandering through lush gardens, or sailing the Adriatic, Dubrovnik offers an unforgettable experience for every Game of Thrones enthusiast.

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