In order to rent a bareboat in Croatia, you will need to present a valid skipper’s license. This license must be obtained by the governing body of the nation from where you are departing. You are required to have a valid international certificate of competence (ICC) for sailing as well as a VHF radio in order to cruise inside Croatian territorial waters.

If you are unsure as to whether or not your permit is valid, you may check here to see if the certificate that was given from your home country is valid for Croatian waters. Each bareboat reservation requires a copy of the skipper’s license to be submitted to the charter company. You are going to be required to present the original when you check in. In order to charter a catamaran in Croatia with a displacement of more than 30 BRT, you need to have a license that covers that amount of displacement.

You can check the needed qualifications for bareboat charter in Croatia.

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