The Ultimate Family Sailing Adventure: A Croatian Catamaran Charter Guide

The Ultimate Family Sailing Adventure: A Croatian Catamaran Charter Guide

The idyllic coastline of Croatia, with its shimmering Adriatic waters, stunning landscapes, and a rich cultural heritage, has cemented itself as one of the world’s premier sailing destinations. For families, embarking on a catamaran charter in Croatia offers a unique opportunity to create cherished memories as you spend quality time exploring the breathtaking beauties of the Dalmatian coast together. 

To help you design the perfect family sailing adventure, we present our comprehensive, informative, and helpful guide to family-oriented activities, destinations, and experiences in Croatia that will leave lasting impressions on both the young and young-at-heart. Join us on a voyage through Croatia’s captivating coastlines as we shine a spotlight on the family-friendly experiences and destinations waiting to be uncovered on your unforgettable catamaran charter adventure.

Why Consider a Catamaran Charter in Croatia

A catamaran charter in Croatia is the ultimate choice for a family sailing holiday due to the multitude of advantages these vessels provide. Catamarans are renowned for their stability, spaciousness, and comfort, providing you with ample room to relax away from bustling marinas and effortlessly glide into tranquil, crystal-clear anchorages. By renting a catamaran, your family can tailor your sailing itinerary exactly to your preferences, allowing you to explore the Dalmatian coast at your own pace, stopping at the islands that pique your interest, and indulging in the freedom to immerse yourselves in the beauty of each location.

Whether your family is passionate about exploring ancient cities steeped in history, delighting in the serenity of secluded bays, or seeking adrenaline-filled water sports adventures, a Croatian catamaran charter will provide you with everything you need for the ultimate family sailing holiday.

Choosing the Perfect Catamaran for Your Family

Selecting the right catamaran for your family is crucial in ensuring a comfortable, enjoyable, and safe sailing adventure for everybody on board. Consider the following factors when planning your unforgettable Croatian family charter:

  1. Size and Layout: Assess your family’s space and privacy requirements, taking into account the number of cabins and onboard amenities before selecting your ideal catamaran. Larger catamarans boast ample living areas, multiple decks, and ensuite cabins, promoting a harmonious atmosphere during your holiday.
  2. Safety Features: Seek catamarans equipped with safety features appropriate for young sailors, such as netting for trampolines, tethering points, and secure handrails throughout the vessel.
  3. Onboard Entertainment: For an engaging sailing experience, consider catamarans with family-friendly entertainment options such as WiFi, television, and selections of books, games, and toys.
  4. Age-appropriate Equipment: Select a catamaran that includes age-appropriate equipment, such as child-safe water sports gear, high-chair seating, or baby monitors to cater to your family’s specific needs.

Top Family-friendly Anchorages and Destinations in Croatia

Croatia boasts an array of destinations that capture the imagination of visitors of all ages. Discover the following exceptional family-friendly anchorages and destinations along the Dalmatian coast:

  1. Hvar: The cosmopolitan island of Hvar promises a diverse experience for the whole family, featuring picturesque beaches, fascinating historical sites, and a vibrant town square with cafés, restaurants, and shops. The nearby Pakleni Islands archipelago is perfect for family water sports adventures and beach relaxation.
  2. Brač: Renowned for its iconic Zlatni Rat beach, Brač is an idyllic destination for a beach day or swimming excursion. The island also offers opportunities for family hiking and cycling trips, with numerous trails revealing panoramic vistas and authentically Croatian villages.
  3. Vis: The remote island of Vis is celebrated for its pristine nature, inviting sandy beaches, and intriguing historical sites, including a military submarine tunnel. The island’s Blue Cave, with its mesmerising turquoise waters, is a must-visit natural wonder for an unforgettable family adventure.
  4. Mljet: The lush island of Mljet is home to a magnificent national park, offering a tranquil haven for families to explore by bike, kayak, or on foot. Discover picture-perfect saltwater lakes, serene forests, and cozy mooring spots where you can soak up the natural beauty of this pristine paradise.

Memorable Family Activities for Your Croatian Catamaran Charter

A family catamaran charter in Croatia is incomplete without engaging in an array of fun-filled activities suitable for all ages. Consider the following activities when planning your itinerary:

  1. Exploring Ancient Forts and Castles: Unleash your family’s inner explorer by visiting remarkable historical sites such as Klis Fortress near Split or St. Michael’s Fortress in Šibenik. Delve into Croatia’s enthralling history while marveling at panoramic coastal views.
  2. Visiting Theme Parks and Water Parks: Inject excitement into your sailing holiday by including a visit to Croatia’s exhilarating theme parks, such as Fun Park Biograd or the famous Istralandia Water Park in Istria, ensuring a day of thrill and laughter for the whole family.
  3. Family-friendly Water Sports: The turquoise waters along the Dalmatian coast are an inviting playground for a range of water sports. Enjoy activities tailored to your family’s interests and skill levels, such as snorkelling, paddleboarding, or even banana boat rides, creating cherished memories together.
  4. Participating in Guided Island Tours: Embark on guided tours of Croatia’s captivating islands, uncovering the enchanting secrets of local culture, history, and nature. Educational and entertaining, these tours are an ideal way for your family to bond while learning about this fascinating country.

Top Tips for Keeping Your Family Safe and Happy Aboard Your Catamaran Charter

Ensure a seamless and enjoyable catamaran charter experience for your family by following these essential safety and wellbeing tips:

  1. Conduct a thorough pre-departure safety briefing for the whole family, discussing important rules, emergency procedures, and the use of safety equipment.
  2. Equip your catamaran with appropriate-sized life jackets, harnesses, and personal flotation devices for each member of your family.
  3. Establish a “buddy system” that pairs children with supervising adults during water sports or swimming excursions.
  4. Engage in open communication with your children regarding their concerns or interests during your catamaran holiday, ensuring everyone’s opinions are heard and respected.


Sailing along Croatia’s captivating coastline with your family aboard a luxurious catamaran awards you the unparalleled opportunity to connect, explore, and make incredible memories together. So, cast off the lines and immerse yourselves in the enchanting beauty of Croatia’s coastal gems, creating a family holiday that will be etched in your hearts forever.

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