Catamarans to Rent in Dubrovnik sailing area

Dubrovnik sailing area is located between sparkling sea and rugged mountains Dubrovnik holds a certain medieval charm that is not seen anywhere else in the world with stunning architecture and spectacular views. With beautiful weather, great food and friendly locals, it is easy to see why this corner of Croatia’s Adriatic coast is quickly becoming a serious alternative to traditional Mediterranean destinations and its the best to check with a catamaran. Dubrovnik has a rich history dating back to the 7th century and if you are fan of Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik will give you access to many filming locations of the popular tv show.


Sunreef 70

Built: 2024
Cabins: 4
Berths: 8
Length: 21.40m / 70.21ft
From: € 45,000 / week


Bali 4.4

Built: 2023 / 2024
Cabins: 4
Berths: 10
Length: 13.75m / 45.11ft
From: € 3,150 / week


Bali Catspace

Built: 2023 / 2024
Cabins: 4
Berths: 10
Length: 12.05m / 39.53ft
From: € 3,150 / week


Lagoon 55

Built: 2022 / 2024
Cabins: 4
Berths: 8
Length: 16.56 m / 54.33 ft
From: € 17,500 / week


Bali 4.6

Built: 2021 / 2024
Cabins: 5
Berths: 12
Length: 14.28 m / 46.85 ft
From: € 4,000 / week


Bali 4.2

Built: 2021 / 2024
Cabins: 4
Berths: 10
Length: 12.85 m / 42.16 ft
From: € 2,800 / week


Isla 40

Built: 2021 / 2024
Cabins: 4
Berths: 10
Length: 11.93 m / 39.14 ft
From: € 3,500 / week


Bali 4.8

Built: 2020 / 2024
Cabins: 6
Berths: 12
Length: 14.82 m / 48.62 ft
From: € 6,900 / week


Excess 12

Built: 2020
Cabins: 4
Berths: 10
Length: 11.36 m / 37.2 ft
From: € 4,000 / week


Lagoon 46

Built: 2021 / 2024
Cabins: 4
Berths: 12
Length: 13.99 m / 45.11 ft
From: € 6,000 / week


Lagoon 52

Built: 2015 / 2019
Cabins: 5+2
Berths: 10+2
Length: 15.84 m / 51.9 ft
From: € 8,000 / week


FP Saona 47

Built: 2018 / 2020
Cabins: 4+1+1
Berths: 10+1+1
Length: 13.94 m / 45.73 ft
From: € 6,000 / week


FP Helia 44

Built: 2015 / 2018
Cabins: 4+2
Berths: 8+2+2
Length: 13.30 m / 43.63 ft
From: € 3,000 / week


FP Lucia 40

Built: 2018
Cabins: 4
Berths: 8+2
Length: 11.73 m / 38.48 ft
From: € 3,250 / week

Three Reasons to Charter a Catamaran in Dubrovnik

  1. Optimal Sailing

Sail to the most beautiful islands in the Dubrovnik archipelago – Elafiti islands with a catamaran for charter with ideal weather to ensuring a successful holiday. You will enjoy the panoramic views of the walled city, enjoy lunch at a local tavern, swim from sandy beaches and many more. During the summer months a catamaran charter in Dubrovnik will allow you to enjoy average temperatures of 28°C  and water temps of 25 °C. You can explore the scenic beauty of the Elafiti Islands on a tour to Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan during the shoulder seasons of April and October  for those who want to avoid large crowds.

  1. Pristine Coastline

Koločep  – First Elafiti island where you can wander around and rediscover the lovely pre-Romanesque churches, old manors and guardian castles. It is the closest island to Dubrovnik,  also known for its Blue cave.

Lopud – An island of true Adriatic summer feel, full of Mediterranean and subtropical vegetation, amazing cypress and pine parks and citrus gardens are form the landscape of this magnificent island. The inner part of the island is area where local people grow olives, vine and oranges, beside tourism and agriculture local people involved in fishing industry.

Sipan – The largest and most populated among the Elafites is the Sipan, called the golden island. The vast beaches, the clean sea abundant with fish, the rich vegetation and the renowned Sipan wine attract a growing number of visitors who want a peaceful holiday.

  1. Medieval Hotspot

The St. Jhon fort in Dubrovnik had a role in protecting the city’s port, called Mulo Tower, one of the best location of Game of Throne. It stands at the entrance of Old City Harbour, it was built in the 16th century and used to protect the entrance of the harbor however, today, it is home to the Maritime Museum and Aquarium. Another monumental and impressive fortress, the Fort of St. Lawrence, lies outside the city walls at the western entrance to the city. It sits on its steep cliffs, 37 meters in height, and seeped in legends on how it came to be as well as the heroic acts of its guards and defenders. Today, the fort shines again and it has become one of the most dignified beautiful stages of the world for the performance of one of the world’s best plays, Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Croatian Cuisine

The perfect Dubrovnik holiday involves a combination of the stunning old town, the sun, the beaches, the culture and of course, the food. One of the healthiest in the world is Dalmatian cuisine with the basic concepts of freshest, seasonal local ingredients, simple recipes and traditional home cooking. The most traditional meal of the year is on Christmas Eve, called bakalar. Bakalar is dried cod from the North Sea and his preparation takes time, involving a minimum of 24 hours soaking in water before being prepared. If you want to try some of the best oysters in Europe, travel slightly north of Dubrovnik to the walled town of Ston. There is a number of orange trees around the city, oranges have a very bitter taste, but they are part of the Dubrovnik tradition. You can also try a signature dish of the Dalmatian coastline called peka, delicious mixture of vegetables and meet cooked in a hot iron dish. We can say that Dubrovnik is a gourmet paradise, combination of extremely healthy food, excellent traditional recipes and a passion for the freshest local produce!

Getting There

The pearl of the Adriatic is easily accessible and an it’s one of the best starting base to rent a boat to visit Croatia. Arrive at the international airport only 20km from the old town and the marinas. A taxi or bus ride is up to 30-minute and will bring you to your catamaran charter in Dubrovnik, where your journey along the Croatian coastline will begin. You can also come with a boat from Bari Italy that is going 3 days a week or with speed catamaran form Split.