Our fleet of Power Catamarans


Lagoon 40 MY

Built: 2015 / 2016
Cabins: 4+2
Berths: 8+2+2
Length: 11.99 m / 39.34 ft
From: € 2,150 / week

Why You Should Choose Power Catamaran

Roominess and ease of use:

A power catamaran is different from a monohulled yacht because it has more space and ease. With its two hulls, a power catamaran offers a lot of living room, cabins, and deck space for an unbeatable cruising experience.

One of the best things about power catamarans is that they have a lot of space for living. Because a catamaran has a wide beam, its saloons and lounges are very roomy, giving people plenty of space to relax and chat. You’ll enjoy the open and airy feel whether you’re eating at the table or relaxing on one of the comfy chairs.

A catamaran are designed with comfort in mind.. Each bedroom has its own hull, so it is private and has enough room for a good night’s sleep. The cabins usually have a lot of nice features, like queen-sized beds, private bathrooms, and places to store things. Everyone can have their own place, whether you’re travelling with family or friends.

Another thing that power catamarans do well is having a lot of deck room. A lot of space is available on the wide decks for sunbathing, relaxing, or taking in the view of the sea. There are large sitting areas outside that are great for eating or just relaxing in the sun. Power catamarans are safe and comfy for everyone on board because they have multiple levels and a stable platform.

These boats are great for longer trips or vacations with a lot of people because they are roomy and comfortable. A power catamaran gives you the space and comfort you need to make moments that will last, whether you’re planning a trip with your family or friends to celebrate a special event.

catamarans are stable

It’s strong and stable.

People who like boats often choose power catamarans because they are stable and don’t use a lot of fuel. In a lot of ways, these traits are useful, especially for people who get seasick easily or who just like floating more.

  • One of the best things about power catamarans is that they don’t use a lot of fuel. Catamarans with two hulls and a very big deck between them have less underwater drag than boats with only one hull. That makes it easy for them to move through the water because the resistance goes down. This means that power catamarans need less engine power to keep going at the same speed. This lets them go farther on the same amount of fuel. Not only does this save money on fuel, but it also makes the ship better for the environment.
  • Stability: Power catamarans are naturally stable, which is another great thing about them. This type of boat is very stable at rest and while moving because it has a wide base. The centre of gravity is low because the weight is spread out between the two bodies. In rough water, this makes it less likely that the boat will roll or pitch. This type of boat is very steady, making it great for people who get seasick easily.

A smooth sail is good for many reasons, but it’s especially good for people who get sick quickly when they move around. Even when the weather is rough, power catamarans are easy to ride on because they don’t rock or roll too much. Because of this, people can enjoy their time on the water without worrying about getting sick or becoming uncomfortable. What’s more, it makes things safer because sudden changes in balance are less likely to cause crashes or injuries.

You can sleep, eat, and hang out with other people better on a power boat because it is more safe. People can safely move around the boat, eat, and talk without having to hold on to the bars or brace themselves all the time. You can sleep and rest better on the stable platform, which makes your time on board more peaceful.

powered catamarans are know for speed and manuverability

Being fast and able to turn:

Catamarans are great for people who want to cruise faster because they are strong and move quickly. This makes trips go faster and lets you see more places in the same amount of time, which are both good things.

  • Power and Speed: Catamarans are made to move through the water quickly and easily. The waves don’t bother them because they have two bodies and a smooth shape. In general, this makes them go faster since there is less drag. They are strong because they are made of light materials and their decks are shaped in a way that makes them go faster than other boats.
  • More quickly: Because catamarans move quickly, tourists can get where they need to go faster. You can enjoy your stops more if you can go farther and faster instead of taking longer to get there. This is true whether you’re going on a trip from island to island or a cruise along the coast. Moving faster will help you get more done and see more. Also, this is very important for people who don’t have a lot of free time.
  • You can go to more places on a sailboat because it is fast. Bigger boats might not be able to get to all bays, beaches, and islands. Catamarans can get to those places because they can navigate both large and small bodies of water. So, tourists can find natural beauty that hasn’t been touched, secret gems, and less popular spots that aren’t on the main tourist route. Your trip will be more fun and interesting if you see more. Every day on the water is a new adventure you’ll never forget.
powered catamarans for charter in Croatia can navigate excluded bays

Being able to reach bays and islands that are far away:

Renting a speed sailboat in Croatia is a great way to get to islands and bays that are hard to get to any other way. If you rent a power sailboat, you can stop in beautiful, off-the-beaten-path spots and find hidden gems. This makes for a unique sailing experience.

The coast of Croatia is famous for its beauty. It has many bays and coves that are hard for bigger boats to get to. Weak and narrow seas make it easy to get around if you take a power sailboat. This is because catamarans can’t pull as much water as other types of boats. So you can stop closer to the shore and check out bays and coves that bigger motor or sailing boats can’t reach.

Power catamarans are safe and have a lot of room, which makes going to faraway places even more fun. They are very stable because they have two frames and are big. This makes them great for moving even when the seas are rough. With this safety, your trip will go smoothly and you’ll be able to fully enjoy the beauty of Croatia’s hidden gems.

You can choose your own route and stops when you take a speed sailboat. This means that you can find beautiful beaches and pure nature that aren’t full of tourists. You can enjoy privacy and peace in these out of the way places by taking a power boat. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bay with clear water or a secret island with lots of wildlife.

You can also avoid crowds and enjoy the sights of Croatia’s coast at your own pace by stopping in pretty spots that aren’t on the main tourist route. In quiet places with beautiful nature that hasn’t been changed, you can swim, fish, or just chill out. Here is the only place you can be alone and peaceful, and it makes your sailing trip even more magical.

having a professional crew is a benefit when chartering a catamaran in Croatia

Bring in a professional crew:

Having an experienced crew handle navigation on a sailing or yachting trip makes the whole experience better and makes sure the trip is safe and fun. Here are a few important pros:

  • Expertise and Knowledge: A team with a lot of experience knows how to navigate a wide range of waterways, from the coast to the open sea to narrow passageways. They are very good at reading marine charts, knowing about waves and currents, and spotting possible dangers. Because they know the area well, including weather trends and secret obstacles, they can help you find your way quickly and safely, reducing risks and making the trip more fun.
  • Safety and security: It can be hard to navigate waters you don’t know, especially in places where the weather changes quickly or where the rules for sailing are complicated. A team with a lot of experience knows how to handle different situations and can quickly respond to any problems or possible dangers. They know how to steer the ship, keep it from colliding with other objects, and make sure everyone on board is safe. Their knowledge gives people peace of mind, so they can enjoy the trip without thinking about how to get there.
  • Time Optimisation: It takes a lot of time and attention to navigate a yacht or ship. Passengers can spend their time doing other things and experiencing other things by giving this job to a skilled team. Having a skilled staff take care of navigation makes the trip more relaxing and enjoyable, whether you’re doing water sports, talking to other people, or just relaxing on deck.
  • Local Insights and Recommendations: Crew members who have spent a lot of time in the area often have useful local insights and suggestions. They can help you find secret gems, private anchorages, and beautiful places to visit. Because they know the best routes and places, travellers can make the most of their time and enjoy the sailing experience to the fullest.
  • Learning Chances: Sailing skills can be improved and learned a lot by travelling with a group that has a lot of experience. People on board can watch and interact with the crew, learning about sailing, working sails, and other aspects of seamanship. This hands-on experience can help people who are new to sailing or want to learn more about it.